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For Immediate Release
9 November 2015 | Paris, France

Limited Edition Art Book on Artisans and Vanishing Arts
Debuts December 2015

A new editorial concept, MOOWON BOOK OF STORIES: Vanishing Arts. Hidden Places. Singular People. brings 18 curated stories on spirit and process behind artisanship, endangered art forms, and unknown places in the world. It features 200+ photos, essays by anthropologists and artists, and extensive interviews with singular people. After a recent successful campaign on Kickstarter and honored with its "Staff Pick" and "Projects We Love", this limited edition art book is now available to the public for 2015 Christmas gift pre-order.

"The world is full of hidden gems in the forms of people, places, and creations that merit attention. And this book exists to transmit their beauty and values." – Mona Kim, author and editor of MOOWON BOOK OF STORIES

Under this premise, the book assembles an eclectic range of unknown stories such as India's last living master of ply-split braiding, rare Rogan art of Persia, Drokpa nomads of Tibetan plateau, Catalan alchemist of smell, traditional processes behind ochre's extraction to pigment, remote lands of Kutch, and uninhabited island of Scotland.

The book is artfully produced with traditional artisanal details such as exposed spine binding, saffron-color edges, gold-foil stamping, and triptych covers. Pre-order of the book is now available for 2015 pre-Holiday delivery as a meaningful Holiday gift and a limited edition coffee table book. It will also be available in select bookstores and concept stores in Europe and U.S.

Book Pre-Order:

For further enquiry,
please contact the publisher at
+33 648 03 97 59

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_18 curated stories: Interviews, narratives, essays by anthropologists, textile experts, journalists, travelers and photographers
_200+ photos from around the world
_Language: English
_Large format: 245 x 330 mm ( 9.6 x 13 in.)
_Triptych covers (Soft cover): 320g heavy cover stock, textured art paper
_144 pages: 150g heavy text stock, uncoated art paper
_4-color offset printing with high-definition stochastic screening
_Exposed spine binding
_Saffron-colored edges
_Gold-foiled stamping on cover
_Printed in Europe

  • Featured Stories:
    _Ochre, from its extraction to pigment
  • _Erroll Pires Nelson, India's master craftsman
  • _Drokpas of Tibetan plateau
  • _Interview with anthropologist Dr. James Suzman on San Bushmen's notion of time, technology, affluence, and craft
  • _Iceland
    _Interview with journalist and author Christine Toomey
  • _Catalan scientist and smell designer, Darío Sirerol
  • _Staffa, an uninhabited balsatic island of Scotland
  • _Interview with London's Tomato
  • _Nomadic livelihoods, trade and craftsmanship of Pashmina, an essay by textile scholar Monisha Ahmed
  • _Rare Rogan art of Persia
  • _Charles Griffin, surfer-photographer of ashes and blood
  • _West Africa beyond the stigma of Ebola
  • _Designer-maker of wood, John Alfredo Harris
  • _Art and tradition of marble games
  • _Maison Soubrier, a generational legacy of antiques and collection
  • _Enigmatic land of Kutch
  • _Visual story of flowers.

Publisher: Mona Kim Projects LLC
ISBN-10 : 0-692-52277-8
ISBN-13 : 978-0-692-52277-6


Mona Kim is an award-winning Creative Director behind campaigns and branded environments for Uniqlo. She has also directed and designed large-scale experiential exhibitions for museums, cultural institutions, and world organizations, such as the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, World Expo, and UNESCO. In these projects, she has documented some of the most distinctive examples of world social realities and cultural expressions, designed public space experiences, and co-curated world issues such as endangered languages, and water and sustainability, with curators, scientific committees, and field experts.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, WWD, The Creative Review, and publications by Gestalten and The Art Institute of Chicago, and has contributed to Lidewij Edelkoort's Trendtablet. She is the recipient of prestigious design awards and recognitions from D&AD, Iakov Chernikov Conceptual Architecture Prize, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, Laus Awards Trophy, Society of Environmental Graphic Design(SEGD), and The Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design Award.

Kim is also the founder and editor of MOOWON, an online collection of stories that launched in March this year. This project was born as an extension and synergy of her multiple facets: her wanderlust nature and her professional work in two disparate areas (fashion branding and advertising, museum and experiential exhibition projects). It was also born out of a desire to capture what is beautiful and noble in our world and to present it in visceral form. Recounting human values is at the heart of this project. The stories shared are told through filters of "vanishing", "hidden", or "singular" and take on a transversal approach to ideas such as artisanship, creation, culture, practice, place, and people.

Kim graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Design, from Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently based in Paris.