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The world is a more beautiful place because of this book. It has honored these artisans and their art form with such dignity. It reminds me to slow down and act more carefully. It awakens my senses: from the feeling of the paper, to the visual impact of the images to the depth of the text.
A. B., New York, USA
The book is like a deep (visual) meditation...
I feel I've been reconnected to something real and profoundly enriching.
Fronza Woods-Pleasance, Ribaute, France
What I like: Concept of book that profiles people, craft, nature, and science. Exposed spine. Textured cover with deep flaps that unfold revealing photos. Ochre painted fore-edges of book block.
Chronicle Books / Michael Carabetta


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A story of the world's finest fabric.
A story of artistry, game, and spirit of community.
A story of art and science of smell design.
Exposed spine binding / Saffron-colored edges

Book Category Winner
of AIGA/Design Observer's 50 Books | 50 Covers international design award.

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_Title: Moowon Book of Stories
_18 curated stories on artisan spirit and process, endangered art forms, and unknown places in the world (Interviews, narratives, essays by anthropologists, textile experts, journalists, travelers and photographers)
_200+ stunning photos from around the world
_Language: English
_Large format: 245 x 330 mm ( 9.6 x 13 in.)
_Triptych covers (Soft cover): 320g heavy cover stock, textured art paper
_144 pages: 150g heavy text stock, uncoated art paper
_4-color offset printing with high-definition stochastic screening
_Exposed spine binding
_Saffron-colored edges
_Gold-foiled stamping on cover
_Printed in Europe

A Limited Edition Art Book.
A Book about Beauty.
A Book about Values.
A Book on Vanishing Arts, Hidden Places, Singular People.

Beautiful photography and meaningful text to be relished in a book format.
Something for you to enjoy, keep and transmit to others

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A story of rare art form.

A story of a hidden remote island.

A story of man in wood.

A story of beauty and resilience.

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People Say

I just wanted to send a quick message to say my books have been received and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!! What a beautiful project! Thank you for putting together such great stories and visuals.
J. Hirschmann, USA
The book was not what I was expecting... I was expecting a work with more specific and in-depth coverage of a larger variety of crafts, but, on the other hand, it was more than what I was expecting. It is magnificent... sometimes breathtaking.

The book is like a deep (visual) meditation. It takes time to get into it, but once you quieten yourself and allow the spirit of the book to take you along, it's a very beautiful and I might even say enlightening experience.

In this world where so much art, in all the disciplines, is so superficial and, frankly, downright mediocre, I feel I've been reconnected to something real and profoundly enriching.

Congratulations for turning out such a meaningful and beautiful document. I'm so eager to share the extra copies I bought with very special friends who will soon have the pleasure of exploring this fascinating, colourful, and rich world you've opened up.
Fronza Woods-Pleasance, Ribaute, France
WOW. The books are beautiful! Thank you so much! I can't wait to give one to a creative friend of mine for the Holidays!
A. N., Columbus, USA
The pictures…oh, the pictures in this book are exquisite, and they are so readable—so thoughtfully composed that each image is its own narrative. On many pages, they’re panoramic, drawing me into worlds of creation by traditional artists and that greatest artist, nature. On others, they’re smaller, some like frames in a film, touching my feelings and yearnings.

The stories, 18 in all, take me to all the places in the pictures: I walk through a Tibetan grassland, roam the stark land of Kutch, and journey on the saffron road. I extract ochre from cliffs, paint on cloth in the Rogan way, carve wood into vessels, and comb river shoals for marble quality flint stone…. This book is an education and a pleasure.
Mary Faber, Alexandria, USA