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Each Print: 1,800 €
Size: 11 x 14 inches (28 × 36 cm)
Edition of 10 (each image)
Printed on neutral-toned
silver gelatin fiber paper
with semi-gloss finish

LIMITED EDITION = A pledge by the artist that a fixed number of prints will be produced and that no further prints will be produced later.

If you have further enquiry, please contact hello@moowon.com

Ash series by New York artist Charles Griffin is an exploration to grapple or understand this simple fact of life: someone we love will disappear one day. The series were created using a 4x5 camera in a black room built specifically for the purpose, and ashes that were donated by others.

"I was amazed to see what kind of things were showing up. In my hand, it's merely a pile of ashes, a 'base matter' of all living things. But once thrown into the air, it transmutes into some sort of 'entity' of human or animal form that's recorded in the photograph."