Indigo-dyed handwoven stoles hand-dipped again in indigo to create a "camouflage" effect, giving an urban feel to traditional motifs. These pieces were part of "E&D" (Experiment & Discover) by weavers of Vankar Vishram Valji. This multigenerational award-winning family continues the heritage of fine weaving par excellence.

Unique pieces.
Only 1 available per piece.

Artisans: Weavers of Vankar Vishram Valji
Place of Origin: Handwoven in India
Dimensions: 65 cm X 200cm
Colour: Natural-dyed Indigo with light-rose motifs
Motifs: Varies from each piece
Material/Technique: Cotton warp/Silk weft dyed in Indigo. Handwoven on Traditional Loom. Hand-dipped in Indigo.
Care Instructions: Handwash separately in cold water only. Indigo may bleed for the first few washes. Hang or line dry.

NOTE: Each piece is handmade and unique, so please note that there may be slight variations from one piece to another, and photos may not be identical to the product you receive.

Photography: Michel Monteaux for MOOWON
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